Integrated Managemennt System

Northern Coalfields Limited has voluntarily chosen to implement a comprehensive system for simultaneous management of our economic, environmental, and social concerns as a part of our business agenda.


Purpose of this company-wide Integrated Management System is to

  • Install a comprehensive and unified management-system for simultaneous management of economic, environmental, occupational health and safety, and social concerns of NCL;
  • Eliminate duplication and costs of efforts in implementing different management systems separately against different standards;
  • Ensure consistency of operations without operational conflicts for handling diverse needs of the organization;
  • Create suitable networking of roles and functions without ambiguity for smooth functioning of the organization under an integrated system; and
  • Simplify procedures to meet requirements which may otherwise appear diverse and unrelated.

The scope of NCL’s IMS is as follows.

  • Coal mining and supply operations, namely: Planning of mining and allied operations, Mining, handling and supply of coal, Allied engineering and support operations.
  • Support services, namely : Corporate planning, coordination, and monitoring, Repair and maintenance of mining machinery, Materials and water supply arrangements, Health care of workforce and their families.
  • Establishment and employee management.

The above scope of the IMS is covered in its following units/functions located in and around Singrauli. A few temporary and small locations like liaison offices for sales, marketing, etc, located outside Singrauli, are presently not covered under the IMS.

  • Amlohri Project
  • Nigahi Project
  • Jayant Project
  • Dudhichua Project
  • Khadia Project
  • Bina Project
  • Krishanshila Project
  • Jingurdha Project
  • Block-B Project
  • Kakri Project
  • NSC, Jayant
  • Central Hospital, Singrauli
  • CWS, Jayant
  • IWSS Khadia
  • Central Store
  • Corporate HQ