NCL Overview

Singrauli Coalfield is spread over 2202 Sq.Km, comprising of two basins, viz. Moher Sub-basin (312 Sq.Km.) and Singrauli Main basin (1890 Sq.Km.). NCL has total coal reserve of 10.06 BT (6.83 BT in Moher Sub-basin and 3.23 BT in Main Basin). Out of this reserve, the industry has extracted 1.7 BT of coal from Moher Sub-basin till March 2019. Major part of the Moher sub-basin lies in the Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh and a small part lies in the Sonebhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. All the coal mining operations of NCL are at present concentrated in Moher Sub-basin through 10 numbers of highly mechanized opencast mines. Singrauli main basin lies in the western part of the coalfield and is largely unexplored

NCL produced 101.50 MT in 2018-19, approx. 14% of the total coal production of India, and dispatched 100.66 MT of coal. The targets for coal production in 2019-20 and 2020-21 are 106.25 and 110.50 MT respectively. The coal supply from NCL has made it possible to produce about 10515 MW of electricity from pithead power plants having power generation of 13295 MW. In addition, NCL is also supplying coal to power plants of Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd, Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB), Haryana State Electricity Board, Lanco, Adani Power etc.

Production infrastructure

In NCL, there are 10 numbers of opencast mines where coal (sub-bituminous coal, i.e. non-coking coal in the range of grades G5-G11) is being produced by 2 types of production systems: (i) Shovel-Dumper System and (ii) Surface Miner. Currently NCL has 111 shovels (90 On Roll+21 Surveyed off but working), 570Dumpers (434 On Roll+136 Surveyed off but working) and 4 Surface Miners.In FY 2018-19, NCL produced 101.50 MT coal101.50 MT with 9.1% growth over last year. The company has set a target of 106.25 MT coal production for FY 2019-20.

In NCL, there are 10 numbers of opencast mines where there exist 3 types of production system:

Since inception, NCL has adopted modernization of its equipment and other infrastructure. The equipment population in NCL is as given below:

The basic demographics based on census 2011 SINGRAULI district are given below:

HEMM Draglines Shovels Dumpers Surface Miners Other Equipments
Population 23 111 570 04 547

NCL uses state of art technology for coal and OB production. Major steps taken by NCL for modernization of infrastructure are as follows:

  • Shovel Dumper System:NCL has high capacity (e.g. 20 CuM) Electric Rope Shovels and Electric Dumpers (e.g. 120 Te, 170 Te and 190 Te).
  • Dragline System:NCL has the world’s best over burden removal system. It has 22 numbers of Draglines. Coal India’s biggest Dragline, Somnath (33/72) having bucket size of 33 CuM is also in NCL.
  • Surface Miner:In NCL, there are 4 Surface Miners deployed for coal production. The main advantage of surface miners is that they don’t require drilling and blasting operation.
  • Development of IT infrastructure:In NCL, Total Stations and 3-D Laser Scanner are used for survey along with SURPAC software. OITDS has been installed in all 10 Mty or more capacity mines. Beside these, GPS based vehicle tracking system for coal transportation along with RFID system, boom barrier, camera for snapshot and integration with existing weighbridge system are being executed. A comprehensive CCTV surveillance system is also being executed. COALNET, an ERP package, Online File Tracking system, Online Bill Tracking system and e-office are already in operation. NCL is the leading mining company of the nation having simulators for training of Dragline, Dumper and Dozer operators.
  • Workshops:NCL is equipped with Central Workshop (CWS) along with Base workshops in each of its mine as well as Condition Monitoring Cell (CMC) for ensuring reliability of HEMMs.
  • Advanced Blasting System:In NCL, electronic detonator system is being used for controlled blasting in all major opencast mines to ensure proper fragmentation and minimum ground vibration, especially near villages and townships.
  • Quality:NCL has 5 numbers of NABL accredited labs having highly sophisticated laboratory equipment and other facilities related to coal sample collection, preparation, testing and analysis. Automatic Mechanical Samplers (AMS) are installed in different Silos of opencast mines of NCL to fasten as well as to ensure precision in coal sample collection process.
  • Survey and Surveillance:Electronic Total Station (ETS) and 3D terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) are being used in NCL for survey purpose. Continuous efforts are being made for ensuring safety in mine operations through adoption and development of new technologies like Slope Stability Radar, drone based surveillance and survey in mines of NCL.
  • Advanced Communication System:The existing optical fiber cable network in NCL is laid between HQ/Projects/ Units for voice and data communication. IP based radio network has been established between HQ and Projects/ Unit as an alternate media for voice and data communication with minimum bandwidth of 50 Mbps uplink and downlink per site. This IP Based radio connectivity automatically takes over during the failure of optical fiber cable. NCL has also established alternate connectivity through optical fiber cable between HQ and Projects/Units and Projects to all weighbridges through optical fiber cable and radio backup link. Video Conferencing System has also been installed in NCL-HQ and Projects/Units for effective communication between the HQ and Projects/Units.

Transport Infrastructure

  • Coal Handling Plants (CHPs): In NCL, coal is being dispatched to its consumers through Indian Railways (IR), Merry-Go-Round (MGR), Belt Pipe Conveyor (BPC) and roads. Currently, there are 9 nos. of Coal Handling Plants (CHPs) in NCL having capacity of 69.0 Mty. From these CHPs coal is loaded to rakes through Rapid Loading Systems (RLS) and then it is dispatched to nearby thermal power plants through MGR mode. Other than existing 9 CHPs, one CHP is under construction at Krishnashila Project having capacity of 4.0 Mty. NCL has also planned for 4 nos. of new CHPs to further increase the capacity by 35.0 Mty by 2021-22. Recently, 2 nos. of incremental CHPs have been commissioned at Khadia and Nigahi Projects.
  • Wharfwalls:In addition to CHPs, there are 7 nos. of wharfwalls within mine leasehold area currently in operations and 1 no. of wharfwall is under construction at Block-B Project to ensure coal supply to up-country power plants. One wharfwall is in planning stage for Khadia Project for further increasing evacuation capacity of NCL. Action has also been taken for interconnecting railway and MGR tracks to achieve universal access system.
  • Belt Pipe Conveyor (BPC) System: NCL has facilitated its linked customer to evacuate coal through Belt Pipe Conveyor (BPC) system. This new system is more efficient, productive and eco-friendly as compared to conventional Bucket Trolley System and Roller Pulley conveyor system.
  • Doubling of Railway tracks connecting Chopan-Singrauli-Katni and Chopan-Kareila-Shaktinagar with the NCL’s sidings: This will further augment coal dispatch by NCL. At present the Singrauli zone (Chopan-Singrauli- Katni with the NCL’s sidings) is connected with single railway line which affects the rail movement and leads to frequent congestion in the area. The average rakes despatched per day is limited to 25. On any day if there is dispatch of 30-32 rakes the congestion affects the dispatches on the subsequent days leading to drastic fall in loading. This requires the attention of the railways to enhance the rail movement facility to cope up the dispatches to the extent of 30-32 rakes per day on an average basis during the coming years. Hence doubling of railways track for faster movement has become necessity and Indian Railways is currently working on this Project.
  • Electrification and advance Railway Signaling System: With enhancement of rail dispatches to 30-32 rakes per day it is envisaged that the electrification of railway tracks with advance singling system is also commissioned in phase wise for easier movement. The project is being taken up by EC Railways.
  • R&D Centre of NCL (SARAS)

    NCL has recognized the potential of coal production through socially sustainable inclusive development. To meet the increasing demand of coal, NCL is fully aligned to the needs of adapting to advanced mining technologies and continuously upgrading itself through research and development. In view of the importance of R&D centre and the paradigm shift it can make, NCL has established a R&D centre i.e. Science and Applied Research Alliance & Support (SARAS) in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi. SARAS, setup in 2018, is the outcome of vision and mission of NCL. The core research areas of SARAS lies in advancement of mining technologies, clean coal technologies, climate change, waste management, carbon capture utilization, new & renewable energy, efficiency improvement and cost reduction besides providing scientific support to NCL units for improving availability, reliability and efficiency.

NCL Performance

Coal Production
Performance 2018-19 2019-20 (till 2nd Quarter) 2019-20
Actual Target Actual % Ach Target
Coal Production 101.50 50.20 51.00 102% 106.25
Growth(%) (+) 9.12% (+) 5.4% (+) 4.68%
Coal Offtake
Performance 2018-19 2019-20 (till 2nd Quarter) 2019-20
Actual Target Actual % Ach Target
Coal Production 101.57 50.20 51.00 102% 106.25
Growth(%) (+) 4.96% (+) 4.1% (+) 4.60%

The status of Environmental Clearance (EC) and production target for current fiscal year is as follows:

Sl. No. Mines Rated Capacity((MTPA) Environment Clearance(MTPA) Coal Production(MT)
Actual(2018-19) Target(2019-20)
1. Amlohri 10.00 14.00 13.04 14.00
2. Bina 6.00 7.50 7.50 8.00
3. Dudhichua 20.00 15.50 15.50 18.00
4. Jayant 20.00 25.00 18.37 18.50
5. Jhingurda 3.00 5.00 2.66 2.10
6. Kakri 3.00 4.00 2.20 2.00
7. Khadia 10.00 14.00 11.40 12.50
8. Nigahi 15.00 18.75 18.48 18.75
9. Krishnashila 4.00 7.00 6.89 7.00
10. Block-B 3.50 5.47 5.47 5.40
Total 94.50 116.22 101.50 106.25

Performance of NCL in other parameters in FY 2018-19

Financial Performance
New Infrastructure development
Project Expansions/New Projects