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Brief description of Khadia Project & Geology of Khadia Project:

The Rocks of Barakar formation belonging to Damuda Sub group are exposed in this project alongwith recent soil/alluvium cover at places. Predominated rock types of Barakar formation is sand stone followed by shales and occasional clay horizons. The sand stones where exposed on the top of the plateau are massive and weathered and escarpment, face is characterised by boulders of sand stone rolled from top of the plateau. The sand stone consists of quarts and feldspar.

The Khadia block stands out as a plateau above the plains on its south. The plateau is pronounced by steep escarpment facing south, rising from an elevation of 290m at the base to 425m at the top of the plateau.. The area on the top of the plateau is gently undulating, except one hill in the north-east corner having an altitude of 489m. The general elevation of the plateau varies from 420 to 400m    See More

Structure: The strike is NW – SE in the west which swing to ENE – WSW in the eastern part of the area. The strike is E –W in the central part of the area. The dip generally varies from 20 to 30 ( 1 in 20 to 1 in 25)

DRAINAGE : Drainage is controlled by a few seasonal nallahs, with a southern flow. All these nallas with southerly flow. All these nallas meet the Ballia nalla in the south, which is semi-perinnial.. Garland drains have been provided on periphery of the property.

COAL SEAM & SECTION : There is no exposure of Coal within the Project. The coal seams occurs incrop in the property. Five Coal seams occur namely, Kota, Turra, Purewa bottom, Purewa Top & Khadia in ascending order. The Kota & Khadia seams are not considered for exploitation because of thinness, interbanded and inpersistent. Workable seams are enumerated as under :

Purewa (Top) 8 to 10 M Grade from 'D' to F.
Purewa (Bottom) 9 to 12.5 M Grade from 'C' to 'F'
Turra Seam 19 M to 21.5M Grade from 'C' to 'E'

LOCATION Khadia project is located in Singrauli area of M/s Northern Coalfields Limited between latitude 2407’26” & 240 8’47” and between longitude 82041’40” & 82044’47” has been named after Khadia village located in the south of the block. The Area is covered under the Topo Sheet No.63-L/12 & special sheet no. .9 & 11 of Survey of India.

North MP Forest Land
South SSTPS of NTPC, Shaktinagar.
West Dudhichua Project
East Krishnashila

Khadia Opencast mine is having a overall stripping ration of 4.29 t / cum and strike length of about 4.5 Km. A combined system of Mining deploying Draglines and Shovel-Dumpers combination has been adopted as suggested in Project report. The mine has been divided into three sector Western, Central and Eastern Section. There are three coal seams as stated above and the top cover above Purewa top coal seam is about 77m, parting between Purewa Top and bottom coal seam is about 35 m and the parting between Purewa bottom and Turra coal seam is about 55m. Thus the total overburden is about 167m. Overburden up to about 132m is taken by Shovel-Dumpers combination and draglines are deployed in the lower 35m for OB removal. The cut length of dragline varies from 70-80m which is worked by two nos. 20/90 Draglines operated with extended bench method. Dragline Baidyanath is working in Central section and exposing Turra Coal in 18th cut. This section was abandoned since last five years. The previous 17th cut was water logged and arrangements were made for dewatering of the water from the cut before the deployment of dragline in new cut i.e. 18th cut. As blasting were done in 18 the cut for deployment of dragline, percolation of rain water which got accumulated in the previous cut no 17, started in the workings of 18th cut slowly for which dewatering arrangements have been made. Coal is extracted after dewatering of coal face by Shovel–dumper combination through main entry. This entry is for extracting the Turra coal seam all along the cut of the Dragline in a safe manner by marinating proper haul road, drain, sump, and corridors etc.

Production & Dispatch
Target Achievements Target Achievements
2010-11 4.00 4.39 4.00 4.46
2011-12 4.50 4.65 4.50 4.40
2012-13 5.50 4.37 5.50 4.35
2013-14 5.00 5.13 5.15 5.40
2014-15 6.00 5.32 6.00 4.79
2015-16 6.00 6.735 6.50 6.914
HEMM Details
Equipment Make Model Capcity Nos.
Dragline Russian 20/90 20 Cum 02
SHOVEL Joy Global India Ltd. P&H 1900AL 10 Cum 3
HEC BE – 195 10 Cum 3
BEML Ltd. BE 1600 9.5 Cum 1
TWL H 135S 9.5 Cum 1
BEML Ltd. BE 700 3.5 Cum 1
BEML Ltd. PC – 650 2.8 Cum 1
L&T 300CKD 2.7 Cum 1
Dumper BEML Ltd. HD 785 – 2 85T 5
BEML Ltd. BH 85 85T 6
BEML Ltd. BH 100 100T 17
L&T Komatsu. HD 785-7 100T 11
Cater Piller CAT 777-D 100T 12
Dozer Libherr PR – 751 410HP 02
L&T Komatsu D 475A – 5 850HP 01
BEML Ltd. D 355A3 410HP 16
BEML Ltd. D 355A3 G 30D 01
Drill Revathi Eqpt. RECP 750E 250MM 04
Revathi Eqpt. REL 750E 250MM 03
Revathi Eqpt. REL 650D 160MM 01
Atlas Copco IDM 70E 250MM 03
Atlas Copco IDM 30D 160 MM 01
Atlas Copco Rotacoal 160 MM 01
Man’s Trading (Sparr) SBD 200 160 MM 01
Water Sprinkler BEML Ltd. BWS 70 70KL 02
Crane Escort Escort 3E 3 T 01
Escort HK 17 18T 01
TIL RT 740B 40T 01
TIL RT 880B 75T 01
RT 9130E 120T 01
Payloader Kawasaki, Japan K115 – ZV 6.1 Cum 01
Tyre Handler BEML Ltd. G-14TH 180HP 01
Grader BEML Ltd. G 650R1/R2 145HP 02
BEML Ltd. BG 825 280HP 05
Welfare & CSR Related information:
Name of the Work:
  • 21 New C-Type Quarters construction completed and allotted.
  • 66 New B-Type Quarters under construction.
  • 30 New D-type Quarters in proposal.
  • 124 New Miners type Quarters in proposal.
2005 2 3 1 0
2006 0 2 6 1
2007 0 1 1 0
2008 1 5 6 2
2009 0 3 5 0
2010 1 2 3 0
2011 2 1 3 0
2012 0 2 1 8
2013 1 6 1 0
2014 0 1 4 5
2015 0 1 0 0
Total 7 27 31 16
  • क्रिडा सुविधाएँ
  • व्यायामशाला
  • सभागार
  • पुस्तकालय
  • क्रिडा सुविधाएँ
  • व्यायामशाला
  • सभागार
  • पुस्तकालय
  • सहकारी समिति के द्वारा १२५ अधिकारीयों एवं १२०५ कर्मचारियों को एल.पी.जी. सिलिंडरो के वितरण की सुविधा ।
  • निम्नलिखित 2 राष्ट्रीयकृत बैंकों के द्वारा सभी कर्मचारिओं को बैंकिंग सुविधा का लाभ प्रदान की जा रही है-
  • इलाहबाद बैंक
  • यू. को. बैंक
  • Temple:
    CSR works proposed for Year 2016-17:
    • Sewing Training Center at Officer’s Club for females of nearby villages of Khadia Project for two years.
    • Supply of 100 two seater benches to GIC, Shaktinagar.
    • Deepening of Pond: Near Yadav Basti, Bihawa, Amhawa nala in Amhawa Village and Near Main Road, Bihawa Tola, Kuldomri Gram Panchayat.
    • Construction of Community Centre at Khadia Basti.
    • Rural Health Camps for villagers to improve health and well-being of Approx. 1000 villagers of Kota Basti, Ambedkar Nagar, Raja Paraswar, Khadia Bazar and Khadia Village Vistar.
    • Renovation of Shaktinagar Bus Stand at Khadia.
    • Making cement concrete road at Ambedkar nagar.
    • Making cement concrete road at Khadia village.
    • Development of tourist place in Belwadahar.
    • Const. of one no. room and toilet in Primary school, Kota.
    • Making cement concrete road at Chilkataand village.
    • Cleaning and deepening of pond in village paraswar choubey, kota basti.
    • Const. of 1 no toilet in primary school at JME, Kota.
    • Installation of 2o No hand pumps at Different places surrounding Khadia Project.
    135 236 1009

    Contact Details :

    Discipline Name Designation CUG
    Mining Sri P.C Singh Dy. GM (M) 8004945502
    Excavation Sri Suresh Chandra GM(X) 8004945520
    E&M Sri R.P Shrivastav Chief Manager(E&M) 8004945504
    Finance Sri C Roy Choudhury AFM 9406963958
    Civil Sri S.K Singh SO(C) 8004945506
    Personnel Sri Girish Narayan SO(P) 8004945508
    MM Sri B.K Sinha SO(MM) 8004945509
    S & M Sri Chandan Kumar Asst. Mgr.(Sales) 8004945530
    Purchase Sri Prabodh Rai Sr. Mgr. 8004945510