Bina Project


Area General Manager




Overview :
  • First & Largest Coal Mine of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Bina Extension Block is the extension part of existing Bina Old Mine.
  • Project is sanctioned by Govt. of India on 22.11.2006 for targeted Coal production of 6.0 MTPA.
  • There are three coal seams namely Purewa top (8m), Purew Bottom (9-10m) & Turra seam (18-20m).
  • EMP sanctioned by MoEF on 02.08.2006 for 6.0 MTPA.
  • EC sanctioned by MoEF on 06.08.2014 for 7.5 MTPA .
  • Project is having Deshaling Plant of 4.5 MTPA capacity integrated with CHP for 34% +/- 1% Ash content Coal (finished product).
  • Project is linked with Up Country Power houses – Kota, Suratgarh, Rajghat & Panipat.
  • Bina- Kakri Amalgamation for 10 MTPA (Approved in Principle by NCL Board in 2011).

Production & Dispatch Details

Production/Target/Achievement of Last 5 years

Year Coal Target Coal Achievement Dispatch(Target) Dispatch(Target)
2010-11 60,00,000 60,00,000 60,00,000 58,44,129
2011-12 60,00,000 60,00,000 60,00,000 60,92,746
2012-13 60,00,000 65,00,000 60,00,000 57,26,059
2013-14 60,00,000 60,00,000 60,00,000 68,69,925
2014-15 60,00,000 60,00,000 60,00,000 60,27,242
Equipments :
Equipment Make Model Capcity Nos.
Dragline Ramson & Rapier 24/96 24 Cum. 2
Russian 10/70 (Surveyed off) 10 Cum. 2
Electric Rope Shovel HEC BE-195 10 Cum. 4
Russian EKG-10 10 Cum. 1
Hydraulic Shovel HEC BE-195 10 Cum. 4
BEML BE-1000 5.5 Cum. 1
Hydraulic Shovel BEML 85T (BH/HD 785) 85T 5
BEML BH-100 100T 14
Caterpillar CAT-777D 100T 18
Kamatsu/L&T BH-100 100T 11
Total 48
Kamatsu D-475A 850HP 1
DRILL (Electric) Revathi REL-750 250mm 4
Atlas Copco IDM70E 250mm 1
  SBSH(Non-Performing) 250mm 3
  SBSH(Non-Performing) 250mm 1
Total 9
Welfare & CSR Activities
Year of Activity Name of the Approved Activity Allocated / Sanctioned Amount (Rs.) Status of activity
2014-15 Running & Maintenance of tailoring Centre in different villages on honorarium payment basis 4.00 to be taken up
2014-15 LMV driving training to the 100 nos. youths of nearby villages. 6.00 to be taken up
2014-15 Village sports Kabaddi tournament for male and female in Jr. and Sr. Group 1.50 Completed on 7&8th Feb,2015
2014-15 Women medical health check up camps. 1.00 Completed on 30.11.14
2014-15 Diabetes and hypertension check up and treatment camp. 2.00 Completed on 15.03.2015
2014-15 Child Health check up camp 2.00 Completed on 8th May,2015
2014-15 Portable water supply by installation of RO/ through pipeline in villages around operational area of NCL. 142.00 Work awarded.
Notes : For supplying of drinking water to nearby community. Status of RO is as follows -
  • Boring completed 8 nos. water purifier (RO)
  • RO Machine installed 3 Nos.
  • Room completed 5 nos. for RO installation.
Safety :
  • Overall first prize in group ‘B’ - Annual Mines Safety Week 2014 and total other 13 nos. of Safety Prizes won in different category.
  • March Past – 2nd prize 7th Inter Area First Aid completion 2014-15.
  • For the year 2015-16 till date there is no fatal / serious Accident.

Manpower :

Executive MR DR
123 286 1043
Achievements :
  • Ever highest production (6.635MT) in 2014-15.
  • EC granted for 7.5 MTPA on 06.08.2014.
  • Air water consent to operate for 7.5 from UPPCB on 10.02.2015.
  • Air water consent to operate for 7.5 from MPPCB on 10.03.2015.
  • Greentech Award (Gold Medal) for Environment Management by Greentech Foundation, New Delhi for the year 2014.
  • Coal India Project implementation Award for the year 2013-14 awarded on 13.09.2014 for timely completion of Bina Extn. Project.
  • Earlier Mine Project completion (31.03.2012) against the schedule completion (22.11.2013)
Any other Remarks:

Best Drill Operator – Female, was awarded to Smt. Munni Devi and Smt. Phool Mati Devi on the occasion of 40th Foundation Day of Coal India at Kolkata on 1st Nov’2014.

Contact Details:

Staff Officers Name Designation CUG email-id
Mining Sri S P Singh Project Officer (Mines) 8004945713
Mining Sri J.D. Behra Staff Officer (Mines) 8004945725
Excavation Sri G. M. Singh SO(Excv) 8004945735
E&M Sri R. K.Singh SO(E&M) 8004945704
Finance Sri K L Sahu A.F.M. 8004945707
Personnel Sri Yogesh Singh SO(Pers.) 8004945708
MM Sri B. K. Singh SO(MM) 8004945710
CIVIL Sri A. K. Singh SO(CIV) 8004945706
S&M Sri B P Yadav Sr. Manager(M) 800494571
Security Sri A.N.MALVIYA Area Officer(Security) 8004975729
Conservation of Large Size Bats at Bina Project

Normally found in the lonely forest areas and caves, if properely conserved the large size bats can also settle down at other places too. Here at Bina Project behind GM office near settling pond and Nursery suitable atmosphere was created for the large size bats & they make their colony in around 5000 area. The conservation methods adopted here are large scale tree plantations, creation of a large size water body and very less human interference in the area.

On the directions of GM, Bina a large size settling pond was made and large scale tree plantations in and around this pond was made. The area is away from human interference. The large size mammal which come under endangered species settled down in this area in thousand of numbers and breeding here in suitable conditions. During day time they can be found hanging on trees and during night they are wandering in search of food (fruits, insects and mosquitoes etc.). Small size bats (size of a sparrow) are normally found every where. But these large size mammals (there wings span up to 70 cm) and come under endangered species are rarely found.

Normally bats are long leaving mammals & brown colour large sized bats can leave up to 30 years life. As they eat insects and mosquitoes they are known as friend of environment and they are special representative of the Eco-system. Last month a team from Forest Research Institute, Dehradun also visited the bat colony at Bina Project. They suggested that some fruit plants like Jamun, Guava, Mango and chikuti should be planted near sedimentation pond and Nursery for their food, so that these creatures will not migrate from here. The team also told that these bats come under endangered species and should be conserved. Bina Project is committed for conservation of these creatures in future that is why this bat's colony has been developed.