Forest Department

Since 1985-86, total 141.35 lakhs and 87.09 lakhs saplings have been planted on over-burden dumps and plain areas respectively in all the coal mines of the NCL till 31.03.2017 as part of biological reclamation of mined out areas and social afforestation in colonies, roadsides etc.

Species planted under Biological Reclamation and Social Afforestation are given below:
Common Name Common Name Common Name Common Name
Arjun Babool Bottle brush Jungle Jalebi
Imli Harra Palash Subabool
Jamun Khair Kachnar Gulmohar
Mahua Bahera Kadamb Sissoo
Sahtut Jatropha Siris Amaltas
Auonla Bamboo Teak --
Karanj Khamer/ Gambhar Cassia --
Neem Mango Ber --
Bel Kathal -- --

During the monsoon season of 2017-18, total 4.19 lakhs saplings are proposed to be planted on 163.90 ha. over burden dumps and 4.00 ha. in plain areas of NCL projects.

Till 31.03.2017, Rs. 98.02 crores has been deposited to the CAMPA fund towards Net Present Value (NPV) for the forest lands diverted for coal mining, laying of pipe lines etc.

A Study on "Ecological Restoration in NCL Coal Mines” has been carried out by the Forest Research Institute, Dehradun in the year 2017.

Forestry Clearances:

Forestry clearances (FC) have been accorded to the NCL projects by the GoI, MoEF&CC/ the concerned State Governments of UP & MP. So far, total 7918.28 hectares forest lands have been granted forestry clearances, out of which, total 7882.39 hectares forest lands have been handed over to the NCL projects by the concerned State Forest Departments.

Project Forest Land Diverted (Ha.) Forest Land Handed over (Ha.) Balance Forest land to be handed over (Ha.)
UP State 2697.52 2690.57 6.95
MP State 5220.76 5191.82 28.93
Total 7918.28 7882.39 35.88

Lease renewal of 100 ha. Forest land for Jayant project is under consideration of MoEF&CC.