Air pollution control measures

Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) and Reparable Particulate Matter (RPM) are the two main air pollutants in NCL Coal Fields. To assess the particulate pollution in and around the opencast mining projects of Singrauli coalfield, air quality monitoring is conducted regularly at both dust generating and non-generating sites of the area. The quantity of SPM and RPM are dominating at the coal working faces, coal yards, coal handling plants and haul roads used for transportation of coal, near drilling sites, in overburden and on haul roads used for the transportation of overburden material.

The following mitigation measures are taken for control of air pollution in NCL.

Drills are provided with dust extractors.

Approach roads to mines and service roads are provided with black topping to reduce dust generation.

Roadside fixed sprinklers and mobile water sprinklers are deployed for dust suppression on haul roads.

Automatic sprinklers installed at receiving pits and are actuated through sensors. Fixed sprinklers for coalbunkers, transfer points, loading points, which are operated through valve controls.

Truck dispatch is within 12-13 % only. In case truck dispatch is required due to exigencies, coal is first wetted after loading on trucks and then covered with tarpaulin.

Thick green belts (tall plants with broader leaves) have been provided as curtain at mines boundary to arrest air borne dust.

Dust proof AC cabins provided for HEMM dust masks are provided to employees exposed to dust.

Non-active overburdens dumps are provided with vegetative covers to prevent dust emission under OB dump reclamation plans.

Routine maintenance and periodic over hauling of HEMM are done to reduce gaseous emission.