Vegetative covers over bare OB dumps have been provided in major projects. It ensures stability to dump slopes, minimization of erosion due to wind & rain water. The dumps have been reclaimed by constructing proper benching and providing reinforced grass-mat covers, gabions and drains. The slope surface has been covered with mixture of grass-seeds, agricultural soil and manure laid in coir/ hay/ straw / geo-textile-mat. The plantation of trees, shrubs and grass has been done profusely on crowns of dumps, ring bunds, dykes, recess, slopes, etc. to ensure thick biological growth. For maintaining vegetative cover, water sprinklers have also been deployed at specific points

Land Reclamation

The main features of reclamation adopted in NCL are that the external dumps are kept to the bare minimum. The maximum OB is used to backfill the existing voids and reclamation is carried out as per the approved environment management plan.

Top Soil is stored separately and spread over the area before plantation.

Technical and biological reclamation of OB dumps.

NCL is committed to restoration of landscape in the mined out area as far as possible. For that reason, technical and biological reclamation of OB dumps have been under taken on massive scale.

  • Stabilisation of OB dumps by cutting and filling.
  • Construction of gabion retaining wall.
  • Construction of garland drain for drainage.
  • Provision of jute mesh for facilitating grass growth.
  • Provision of good soil mixed with manure and subsequent irrigation for growth of grass for anchorage.
  • The afforestation has been taken up in a big way with the help of forest department in NCL.
  • This has resulted in increase in forest cover.
  • Medicinal and fruit bearing plantation is also being done in NCL. Preference is given to local Species.

A major environmental activity carried out every year is plantation. The plantation works are carried out by State forest Departments of UP & MP Govt. NCL has taken afforestation in and around the Mined out area in a big way and the same has been reported by remote sensing satellite data study, done every year by CMPDI on behalf of NCL.

  • Total plantation up to March 2018 is 2.33 crore plants.
  • Plantation for the year 2017-18 is 5.12 Lakhs plants.
  • No. of plants planted / employee till March 2018 is about 1550.
  • Commercially beneficial plantations with assured return and regenerative plantation are being adopted for future.
  • Bamboo groves, medicinal plantation, herbal garden, orchards developed.
Mine wise Plantation
Project/Unit (MP) No. of Sapling Planted Project/Unit (UP) No. of Sapling Planted
Jingurdha 1760728 Kakri 2108822
Block-B 386512 Krishanshila 259500
NSC / HQ 329580 Bina 3488325
Dudhichua 1753117 Dudhichua 1837523
Jayant 3070111 Khadia 2013405
Amlohri 2323393    
Nigahi 3166513    
Gorbi (closed) 859247    
Total 136449201 Total 9707575
Grand total 23356776