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Sh. R.B. Prasad

DESIGNATION : Area General Manager

EMAIL-ID : gmjnt.ncl@coalindia.in

CONTACT NO. : 07805-222744

Overview :

Jayant Opencast mine is running opencast mine in Northern Coalfields limited. NCL is a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd., since 1975, which is a prime producer of non-coking coal, mainly power grade, in the country. It operates coal mines in the states of M.P. and U.P. It is producing coal from different coal seams of Singrauli coalfields in the districts of Singrauli in M.P. and Sonebhadra in U.P. Mining operation is spread over Singrauli coalfields which is the northern most member of the Central Indian coalfields.

Singrauli coalfield is located between latitudes 230 47’ & 240 12’ Nand longitude 810 40’ & 82052’ E. The coalfields is about 102 Km. long from west to east and 45 Km. wide from north to south occupying a total area of 22.2 sq.Km.

The coalfield is largely located in the Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh and a small area of 80 sq. Km. in the extreme north-east lies in the district of Sonebhadra of Uttar Pradesh. Mining of coal at present is confined in the north eastern part of Singrauli coalfield.

The project is administratively under NCL and is presently headed by General Manager.

Brief History :

Singrauli Coalfields, covering total area of about 2201 sq.km. attracted little attention earlier and remained undeveloped on account of lack of communication, even though coal appears to have been discovered, as early as 1840, and its mining was done near Kota, Parari and Nawanagarsometime before 1857. The coal was then transported by bullock carts and camels to Mirzapur for use in steamers on the Ganges.

North-eastern part of the coalfield was selected for detailed geological survey in 1958 during second plan period in independent India. Initially Geological Survey of India and later Indian Bureau of Mines drilled bore holes to explore this region.The area compriseGondwana rocks covering about 312 sqkm of which coal bearing Barakars occupy 225 sqkm. The NCDC had divided this area in four blocks namely 'B' Block, Moher, Karwari and U.P. Block. Jayant Project belongs to Moher block.

  • The original PR for Singrauli-I (Jayant) for a Targeted production of 3.05MT was sanctioned by Govt of India in 1962.
  • Operations were suspended in 1964 due to limited demand of coal.
  • Re-appraisal of Singrauli-I was done in 1972 with capital expenditure estimated at 20.61 Cr.
  • Feasibility study report with Soviet Experts in 1974 identified Jayant project with rated capacity of 10 MTY.
  • Expansion Project Report of 20 MTY was approved on 2nd May 2017 and Environmental Clearance of 25.0 MTY was granted on 29th Aug 2018.
  • Presently Jayant OCP is a 20 MTY project in which the excavation started in the year 1976-77 and the approximate depth of the mine is approaching 180 meters. The project is 4.4 km wide along strike length and the dip side length is 4.0 km.

Mining and Geological Conditions

  • Balance Coal Reserve : 246.73 Mt
  • Overburden : 767.87 M Cum
  • Av. Stripping ratio : 2.99
  • Over Burden : 90% is medium and coarse grained sand stone
  • Mining block area : 1840 Ha
  • Lease hold area : 3177 Ha

Landmarks :

  • Jayant Mine was opened on 07.02.1975
  • The First Shovels EKG 527 & 528 was commissioned on 06.12.1976.
  • First Coal Production started on 17.11.1977.
  • The First Dragline 15/90 was commissioned on 01.04.1979.
  • Coal handling Plant was commissioned on 25.05.1985. The second Silo was commissioned on 01.11.2001.
  • OITDS (Operator Independent Truck dispatch system) was introduced (first time in India) in the year 2002.
  • Record coal production of 2.05 L. Tes. on a single day was achieved on 23.01.2011
  • First Surface Miner KSM 403 was commissioned on 16.12.2015.
  • The Project has achieved 18.37 M. Tes. first time in the year 2018-19.


  • OB thickness: 10m (at outcrop) 180m (N-E part)
  • Av. Stripping ratio: 2:60
  • Over Burden : 90% is medium and coarse grained sand stone
  • Capital cost as per RCE : 375.05 Cr. (Sanction date Nov. 1989)
  • Mining block area : 1110 Ha.
  • Lease hold area : 2717 Ha.
  • Coal production since inception : 298.52 Mt
  • OB Removal since inception : 824.55 M Cum


  • The Method of Work adopted at Jayant Project is Dragline-cum-Shovel-Dumper combination mining. Two flanks namely East and West are operating in the length of 2.2 KM and 2.2 KM respectively with a total length of 4.4 KM. The Coal Seams are dipping towards North and the Sump is located at intersection point of both flanks.
  • An average of 80 meter width is taken in the Dragline Cut with average working height 27 meters and rest of the parting i.e. 28-30 meters is taken by Shovel-Dumper combinationor by outsourcing agency.

  • There are two Draglines 15/90 and 24/96 in West side and two nos. 24/96 Draglines are in the Eastern side. Draglines are operated in Horizontal Tandem extended Bench method (i.e. Draglines are on same Level), as per the balancing diagram proposed by CMPDIL.
  • There are two Mid-Entries i.e. East and West Mid-Entry apart from Central Entry to mine out Turra Seam. These Entries facilitate the Draglines to operate continuously without idling while taking the new Seating in the next Cut. Also the lead of dumpers reduces with the provision of Mid-Entries

  • Shovel and Dumper combination are deployed for Turra, Purewa Top and Bottom Coal Seam and all OB benches beyond the dragline benches.
  • In the Shovel-Dumper combination 40 meter width and 15 meter height is taken as a standard practice. Part of OB removal in the mine has been outsourced.
  • 2 nos. of Surface Miner are deployed at Purewa Bottom Seam in West Section and coal transportation from surface miner face is being done by outsourcing agency.
  • The normal drilling pattern for Dragline bench is 10 X12 meters with 259/311 mm dia. Drills and for Shovel-Dumper combination the pattern is 9 X 11 meters with 259 mm dia. Drills.
  • The explosives used are SMS and SME with charging 65 to 95 KG/meter depending upon the bench condition, hole dia. and drilling pattern. The use of e-det (electronic detonators) have been introduced at Jayant, recently, on account of its effectiveness in controlling ground vibration along with facilitating better fragmentation.

Details of Coal Seam at Jayant Mine :

Seam description Avg. Thickness Grade of Coal
Purewa Top 6-7 m G-10
Purewa Bottom 11-13 m G-10
Turra 17-18 m G-7

Future Plans :

  • An expansion project report of Jayant OCP for 20 MYTPA is under consideration before CIL board. An additional Land of 462 Ha. Will be required for the purpose and process of land acquisition is in progress. Environmental clearance will be obtained accordingly.
  • Year Wise Coal production of Jayant Project for next Five Years under the ambitious 1BT Production plan of CIL is as follows :

Performance for Last 5 Years :

Coal Production OB Removal OB Removal (HoE) Coal Offtake Composite Total
2014-15 11.85 14.84 11.63 14.56 34.07
2015-16 14.40 14.82 39.38 14.17 63.43
2016-17 15.40 12.54 41.61 16.74 64.02
2017-18 15.50 12.81 32.94 17.73 55.69
2018-19 18.37 15.59 12.67 18.08 40.04
2019-20(Target) 18.50 14.40 25.00 18.50 51.26

Environmental Consciousness

The project satisfies all the legal provisions and environmental conditions. An equal emphasis is given in raising the greenery of the area and in this respect and about 3230111 plants have been planted till date in an area of 775.88 Ha.

40 MLD capacity different effluent treatment plant and 4 MLD capacity Sewerage Treatment Plant has been installed in the project. It contributes in making the project a clean producing unit. In order to ensure zero discharge of mine water into the outside surroundings, the excess treated water (balance after re-use in tanker filling for dust suppression) carried to HEC reservoir (Cap. 4400 cum). A high capacity pump has been installed at Mine ETP and a pipe line from mine ETP to HEC tank, situated at hill top, has been laid, to achieve a mile stone towards zero discharge.

Welfare & CSR Related information :

Name of the Work :

The project also care for the society in and around the mine premises for which substantial amount is spend on community development works including health camps and schools.

  • Literacy drive for BPL women and poor schoolchildren(free Education)
  • Providing assistance for Adult Education(Women)
  • Arranged Basic computer, Mehndi & Beauty Parlour Training for local community
  • Organised Khel Mahotsav in Jaitpur and Medhauli
  • Organized Free medical camp in villages around Jayant Project
  • Blanket (3000 nos) were distributed to BPL Card holders of Khokhawa, Sulkahankala, Kapurdeye, Sarswaha village
  • School bags were distributed to students of primary, middle school of SulkhanKala/ Khokhwa/Kapurdeyi Gram Panchayat
  • Benches & desk were distributed to Jyoti Public School & Saskiya High School, Jayant
  • Potable water supply through installation of RO Plants was made available at Jaitpur & Saraswah Villages
  • Bus Stand Complex is under construction near Jayant More.
  • A PCC road (1 km) was constructed from primary school Dekhi to Lakta more at Dekhi Panchayat
  • 3 nos. of check dam were constructed at Medhauli
  • 60 nos of handpumps were installed in Kapurdehi, Khokhwa and Sulkhankala Gram Panchayat by Jayant project.
  • 2 Nos of Aganwadi were constructed in Kapurdei Gram Panchayat ,Chitrangi
  • Arrangement for drinking water were made at Medhauli village, including construction of RCC tank with POS and water supply through tanker at Mehdhali
  • Two nos. of school boundary wall were constructed in Slkhamkalaaganwadi.

Contact Details :

Discipline Name Designation CUG E-mail id
Mining Sri Suman Saurabh Project Officer/ Chief Manager(Mining) 9406711237  pojayant@gmail.com
Excavation Sri Rajiv Ranjan General Manager 9406711221  gmexcv.jnt@ncl.gov.in
E&M Sri B.N. Chaudhary General Manager 9406711307 gmemjayant@gmail.com
Finance Sri Dipen Mehra Chief Manager(F) 9406711231  jayant.ncl@gmail.com
Civil Sri P.K. Rai Ch.Manager(Civil) 9425176656 sociviljnt@gmail.com
Personnel Sri Shafdar Khan Chief Manager(Pers.)  9406711007   sopjnt@gmail.com
Safety Sri. S.K. Sahoo Chief Manager(Mining) 9425820747  asojnt.sks@gmail.com