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In NCL, E&M department looks after the following main activities for production of coal, removal of overburden, Coal Dispatch, Dewatering of mines, illumination etc.:

Power supply : NCL draws power from State Electricity Board of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh as per location of the mine.

Contract demand of about 64 MVA is in Madhya Pradesh and about 23 MVA in Uttar Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh 40 MVA (Contract Demand) power is drawn at Madhauli sub-station through double circuit 132 KV feeder and rest of the power are drawn at supply voltage of 33 KV in both the states.

Supply point wise status is as under as on date :
  • NCL has drawn 83.258 MVA power with total electricity consumption of 441.11 Million units in the year 2017-18.
  • NCL has its own arrangement for distribution of power to different mines/establishments.
  • Various energy conservation measures are taken on regular basis, which includes use of energy saving lamps, installation of time switches in addition to use of Solar Water Heaters and Solar Lighting Systems in different projects/units. In addition energy meter is being installed in phased manner to have control on energy consumption.
  • NCL has earned/saved 12.38 crores as rebate on power factor, load factor and TOD consumption during the year 2017-18 by intense monitoring of the power supply system as well as adopting various energy saving measures.
  • CMPDI is being entrusted for benchmarking of electrical consumption as well as illumination survey of at least two Projects in a year. Specific consumption of the respective project is being monitored with respect to Benchmark fixed/recommended by CMPDI.
  • In addition all the possible efforts are being made for minimizing idle running of the electrical equipment and general awareness is being created amongst employees and their families for putting off electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Coal dispatch: NCL has Coal Handling Plants (CHP) with dispatch capacity of 68.5 MTPA and crushing capacity of 68.5 MTPA as on date. By intense monitoring and making CHPs available for handling of coal, NCL could achieve more than 100% capacity utilization in the year 2017-18. Capacity of existing CHPs is as under:

132 KV Industrial(Madhauli) Name of Power Supply agency Contract Demand (KVA) 132 KV Industrial(Madhauli) MPPKVVCL 40000 33 KV Jayant (Domestic) MPPKVVCL 4500 33 KV Gorbi (Industrial) MPPKVVCL 4000 33 KV Gorbi (Domestic) MPPKVVCL 1350 33 KV Jhingurda(Industrial) MPPKVVCL 2800 11 KV Jhingurda (Domestic) MPPKVVCL 1500 33 KV Morwa(Domestic) MPPKVVCL 2600 33 KV DCH&NGH (Domestic) MPPKVVCL 10000 33 KV NCL HQ MPPKVVCL 1200 33 KV Bina (Industrial) UPPCL 22500 33 KV IWSS UPPCL 3200 Total 93650

Project Year of commissioning Capacity(Mtpa)
Amlohri Ph-I - 1987
Ph-II - 2013
Bina June 1993 6.00
Dudhichua Ph-I-1993
Ph-II Dec.2004
Jayant Ph-I 01.06.85
Ph-II March 1987
Jhingurda Old 23.7.1968
New 28.09.1982
Ph-II June 1993
Kakri April 1995 2.50
Khadia Ph-I 01.04.1998
Ph-II 10.03.2018
Nigahi Ph-I 24.11.1996
Ph-III 04.02.2018
Block-B Ph-I May 2009
Ph-II January, 2016

In order to enhance dispatch capacity new CHPs are being constructed at Nigahi, Khadia , Block-B & Krishnashila Projects. Capacity of CHPs under construction is as under:

Name of CHP/Project Additional Planned & Under construction Capacity (MTY)
Krishnashilla CHP with SILO 4.00
Block-B(Main CHP) with SILO Completed
Khadia (Phase-II) SILO Completed
Nigahi Expansion (Phase-III) With SILO Completed

In compliance to the directive of Ministry of Coal action has been taken for crushing coal to (-) 100 mm size from the existing CHPs to ensure 100 % sizing of coal to (-) 100 mm.

29 Nos road weighbridges and 10 Nos rail weighbridges are installed at different locations of NCL for weighment of coal.

Dewatering of Mines:

All the mines of NCL have adequate pumping arrangement for dewatering of the mines. Necessary arrangements are being made to deal with the monsoon also.

Drinking Water Supply:

Water supply pumps installed in IWSS for supplying drinking water and industrial water to all the Projects/ Units including HQ of NCL are being maintained.

Illumination in Mines as well as Townships:

Large numbers of Luminaries are provided for general illumination in Mines as well as Townships. Energy efficient lamps like HPSV lamps, CFLs, LEDs etc. are being used. Necessary action has been taken to Phase out conventional light fittings/lamps by LEDs in view of further conservation of energy. Energy conservation is a vast subject and need continuous effort for using updated technology. NCL is committed to do so in future also

NCL has installed large sophisticated coal handling plants (CHPs) for supply of proper sized coal in all its projects. The CHPs have high capacity loading system and computerized weighing arrangements. At Present about 87% coal production is dispatched through CHPs and 100% is weighed through computerized weighing arrangements.

Capacities of CHP
Projects Sanctioned Capacity(MTPA) Existing Capacity(MTPA) Under Construction Capacity(MTPA)
Jhingurdha 3.00 3.00 -
Kakri 2.50 2.50 -
Bina 4.50 4.50 -
Jayant 15.00 10.00 -
Amlohri 10.00 10.00 -
Khadia 10.00 10.00 6.00
Dudhichua 20.00 10.00 5.00
Nigahi 20.00 15.00 10.00
Krishnashilla 4.00 - 4.00
Block-B 3.50 3.50 -
Total 93.50 68.50 4.00