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Frequently asked Questions

  Q1: What are the products of NCL?

Ans : NCL produces :

  • Coking Coal.
  • Semi coking coal.
  • Non Coking Coal.
  • Beneficiated coal.
  • Coal Fines/ Coke Fines.
  • Tar/ Heavy Oil/ Light Oil/ Soft Pitch.
   Q2: Which are the customer segments serviced by CIL?

Ans : Customer segments serviced by CIL are as under :

  • Power( Power utilities including IPPs).
  • Power(Captive).
  • Steel including Sponge Iron & Pig iron manufactures and other metallurgical industries who use coal/coke for their own end use.
  • Engineering/ Rolling Mills.
  • Coal Fines/ Coke Fines.
  • Central PSUs for consumption and use (as distinguished from trading).
  • Cement.
  • Export.
  • State nominated agency.
   Q3: What is FSA

Ans : FSA stands for Fuel supply Agreement. As per new Coal Distribution Policy(NCDP) Coal supplies are governed by Legally enforceable agreements between the seller (coal companies) and the consumer under specific terms and conditions. Various model FSAs for different categories of consumer have been placed in the website.

   Q4: What is LOA

Ans : LOA stands for Letter of Assurances. It is issued to new consumers on being approved by the appropriate authority, based on recommendation of a committee constituted Specific terms & conditions of the LOA to be complied with within a stipulated time period for being eligible to enter into FSA for commencing coal supply.