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Sh. Biswajit Chaudhary

DESIGNATION : Area General Manager

EMAIL-ID : gmksl.ncl@coalindia.in

CONTACT NO. : 05446-2766633

Brief description of Krishnashila Project :

The Krishnashila Project started in April 2007. The project is located in South-Eastern part of Moher basin of Singrauli Coalfield in Sonebhadra District of UP. The project is well connected to Varanasi in UP about 200km and to Jabalpur in MP about 350km. The nearest railway station is Krishnashila in UP about 3km and Singrauli Railway Station in MP about 24km. The project is designed to produce 5 million tonnes of Coal per year with total coal reserves 99.12 million tonnes. The total land is 851.78 ha. The maximum depth of the quarry is 180m. The mine is being worked by the combination of dragline and shovel/dumper. The total capital outlay of the mine is Rs. 741.62 Crore. In the year 2014-15, the mine produced 4.952 MT of coal and 98.25 lac Cum. OBR.

Other salient features of the Project given below-

Particulars Remark
Name of Geological Block Marrak
Mineable Reserves 99.12 MT
Total Coal prod. Upto 2014-15 26.20 MT
Balance coal 72.92 MT
Total Overburden 335.34 Mm3
Total OBR. Upto 2014-15 74.84
Balance OBR 260.50
Surface Area of the Project 4.69 Km2
Strike Length 2.50 Km
Max depth of the quarry 180 m
Dip of mine 2 -3o NW
Stripping Ratio Average 3.38 m3/t
Thickness of the coal seam (Turra) 19.36 - 25.60 m
Thickness of the coal seam (Purewa) 3.00- 13.50 m
Target (COAL) 5.0 Mtpa
Balance Project Life 14 Years (Approx.)
Grade of Coal (Overall) G-8
Method of Mining Opencast by Dragline and Shovel- Dumper combination
Linkage/Main Customer Renusagar Power Division and UPRVUN
Manpower as on 30.06.2015 392 Nos.
OMS (Te/manshift) in 14-15 29.11
Initial Capital Investment Rs. 741.62 Crores
Cost of production in 2014-15 (Rs./Te) 515
Selling price average in 2014-15 (Rs./Te) 1710
Profitability in 2014-15 (Rs./Te) 1195
Total Profit in 2014-15 (Rs. Crore) 592

Production & Dispatch :

Target Achievements Target Achievements
2010-11 4.00 3.56 4.00 3.69
2011-12 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.26
2012-13 4.00 5.00 5.00 5.05
2013-14 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.71
2014-15 5.00 4.952 5.00 4.65

HEMM Details :

Equipment Make Model Capcity Nos.
Dragline BEML W2000 33 Cum 1
SHOVEL L&T PC 2000 12 Cum 1
BEML BE 700 3.50Cum 1
Tata TATA EX 600V 3 Cum 1
Demag H-40 (DEMAG) 2.80 Cum 1
Dumper BEML BH100 100T 9
BEML BH-85 85T 1
L&T BH100 100T 3
Dozer L&T D475A5 860 HP 1
BEML D355A3 410 HP 5
Drill Atlas Copco. IDM 70E 250 MM 2
Atlas Copco. IDM 30 160 MM 2
RECP RECP 750E 250 MM 1
Atlas Copco ICM 260 100 MM 1
Revati Recp 750 250mm 8
Crane Escorts Escort C8000 8T 2
Grader BEML BG 825 280 HP 2
Water Tanker BEML GW-28 28 KL 2
Crane TIL RT 880 75 T 1
TIL RT 740-B 40 T 1
ACE ACE 10T 10 T 2
Tyre Handler BEML BL14T-4 01
Crane Escort 20T Escort RT 20 20T 01

Welfare & CSR Related information :

Name of the Work :

Work done in nearby villages :

  • Construction of four rooms of school building at Gharsari village .
  • Construction of two rooms in Kohrauli primary School.
  • Construction of Yatri Shed at Marrak.
  • Tri-cycle distribution for physically challenged persons in Gharsari & Kohrauliya village.
  • Education and training programme for women of jawahar nagar, Mishira, Kohrauliya villages.

Proposed Activities for 2015-16

  • Development of Mishira Primary School with addition of two rooms with toilets.
  • Construction of community hall at Kohrauliya village.
  • Installation of ten hand pumps for villagers nearby Krishnashila Project.
  • Distribution of Kambals, Saree for poor villagers nearby Krishnashila project.
  • Organization of Health Camp for distribution of medicines for villagers nearby Krishnashila project.
  • Distribution of teaching materials for six schools nearby Krishnashila project.
  • Distribution of drugs and testing of health for student of six schools nearby Krishnashila Project.
  • Distribution of First Aid kits in six schools nearby Krishnashila.
  • Installation of 7 nos. RO plants for supply of treated drinking water, 3 nos. of 1000 Ltr/hr & 4 nos. 500 L/hr capacity in nearby villages.
  • Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan: -Construction of 39 toilets and repair of 31 nos dysfunctional toilets has been started in villages of Seoni district of MP .
  • Organizing village sports competition by Krishnashila Project.
  • Organizing of health camps for distribution of drugs for villagers of nearby Krishnashila .

Proposed Activities for 2015-16

  • Every month, pit safety committee meeting is being held for discussing safety issues and compliance of last meeting issues.
  • Mock rehearsals are being conducted regularly for different probable hazards.
  • Separate light vehicle road from coal face to coal yard for maintaining safety.
  • Regular water sprinkling on haul roads to suppress dust in the mine.
  • In the first Q1 of 2015, PME of 30 employees and IME of 99 persons were done and achieve the target.


58 68 266

Achievements :

  • Project achieved targeted capacity of coal production 4.0 MT in the year 2011-12.
  • Project achieved following prizes during Annual mine safety week 2014.
  • 1. Best Dragline maintenance
  • 2. Best Jhanki Award.
  • 3. Best Illumination Award.
  • Several prizes in Inter-area Fist Aid Competition 14-15

Other remarks :

  • Form-I is under preparation for coal production capacity enhancement from 5 to 6.25 Mtpa.
  • For environment friendly transport of coal from the Project to the Renusagar Power Division (HIL), the linked coal consumer M/s RPD has installed Belt Pipe conveyor of capacity 3 Mtpa which is first of its kind in Coal India
  • Plantation: On OB dumps 241500 saplings have been planted on area of 68.85 Ha.
  • CFRI Dehradun has under taken eco-restoration of OB dumps on an area of 5 Ha.
  • Introduction of surface miner is under process.

Contact Details :

Discipline Name Designation CUG e-Eail id
Mining Sri R. K. Sahoo Dy. GM(Mining) 9415233755
Excavation Sri M. K. Chauhan General Manager 8004943633 staffofficer.ksl@gmail.com
E&M Sri A. K. Jha 8004943601 ashok.jha1957@gmail.com
Finance Sri K. L. Sahu Chief Manager 8004945707
Civil Sri Azizul Alam Ch.Manager(Civil) 8004945806 alamazizul@gmail.com
Personnel Sri Girish Narayan Sr. Manager (Pers) 8004945808 kslhrp@gmail.com
MM Sri B. K. Singh Sr. Manager(MM) 8004943624 nclksl@rediffmail.com
S & M Sri G. K. Goel Sr. Manager (Mining) 8004943602  
Env & Planning/IMS Sri Rakesh Kumar Sr. Manager (Mining) 8004945809 rakesh11170@yahoo.co.in