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  • Mainly used as thermal grade coal for power generation
  • Also used for cement, fertilizer, glass, ceramic, paper, chemical and brick manufacturing, and for other heating purposes.


These coals have undergone the process of coal washing or coal beneficiation, resulting in value addition of coal due to reduction in ash percentage.

  • Used in manufacturing of hard coke for steel making
  • Beneficiated and washed non-coking coal is used mainly for power generation
  • Beneficiated non-coking coal is used by cement, sponge iron and other industrial plants


Rejects are the products of coal beneficiation process after separation of cleans and / or middlings, as a fraction of feed raw coal.

  • Used for Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) Boilers for power generation, road repairs, briquette (domestic fuel) making, land filling, etc.
Grades of Non Coking Coal along with Gross Calorific Value (GCV)
Grade GCV Bands (Kcal/Kg)
1 Exceeding 7000
2 Exceeding 6700 and not exceeding 7000
3 Exceeding 6400 and not exceeding 6700
4 Exceeding 6100 and not exceeding 6400
5 Exceeding 5800 and not exceeding 6100
6 Exceeding 5500 and not exceeding 5800
7 Exceeding 5200 and not exceeding 5500
8 Exceeding 4900 and not exceeding 5200
9 Exceeding 4600 and not exceeding 4900
10 Exceeding 4300 and not exceeding 4600
11 Exceeding 4000 and not exceeding 4300
12 Exceeding 3700 and not exceeding 4000
13 Exceeding 3400 and not exceeding 3700
14 Exceeding 3100 and not exceeding 3400
15 Exceeding 2800 and not exceeding 3100
16 Exceeding 2500 and not exceeding 2800
17 Exceeding 2200 and not exceeding 2500
Suitability Of Coal
Industry Type of Coal Required
Steel making Coking and semi-coking coal, direct feed and washed; blendable coal; low ash % Assam and Ranigunj coal
Steel making, sponge iron industry Non-coking coal of high Initial Deformation Temperature (IDT) (>1200 degrees Celcius)
Cokeries / coke oven plants Coking and semi-coking coal
Briquette making / domestic fuel making Semi-coking and non-coking coal; middling & rejects of washeries
Special Smokeless Fuel (SSF) Semi-coking coal of Coking Index 8 10
Power sector Non-coking coal; middlings of coking coal washeries; washed coal of non-coking coal washeries
Cement sector Non-coking coal; middlings of coking coal washeries
Glass and potteries Long Flame non-coking coal
Cast iron castings Hard coke
Steel castings Non-coking coal
Bricks Non-coking coal; middlings of coking coal washeries
Old boilers Superior grades of non-coking coal
Halwais, domestic use, hotels, etc. Non-coking coal; CIL Coke / LTC Coke

Project-wise coal grade
CollierySeamType of CoalGrade of CoalGCV Range(K. Cal/Kg)
Turra (Stock ard) (Provisional)SteamG-55801-6100
Turra (Stock Yard)SteamG-55801-6100
BinaPurewa Top & BottomROMG-104301-4600
Siding/CHP/Stock YardROMG-104301-4600
Stock Yard (Turra Seam)SteamG-55801-6100
Stock Yard (Purewa Seam)SteamG-94601-4900
JhingurdaJhingurdah TopROMG-104301-4600
Stock YardSteamG-84901-5200
Siding/CHP/Stock YardROMG-104301-4600
KakriPurewa Top/BottomROMG-104301-4600
Stock YardROMG-104301-4600
Siding/CHP/Stock YardROMG-104301-4600
KhadiaPurewa Top/BottomROMG-84901-5200
Stock YardSteamG-55801-6100
Siding/CHP/Stock YardROMG-84901-5200
Turra (Stock Yard)SteamG-65501-5800
Siding/CHP/Stock YardROMG-84901-5200
Purewa TopROMG-143101-3400
Turra (Stock Yard / Despatch Point) (Provisional)SteamG-55801-6100