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The Central Vigilance Commission has been emphasizing the use of technology for bringing about transparency through adopting extensive use of technological solutions for public service delivery and functional activities specially public procurements and contracts by all organizations.Vigilance Department of Northern Coalfields Limited has also taken IT (Information Technology) initiatives in this regard. Some of the important IT initiatives are enumerated below-

  • Re-activation of IBS - NCL (Northern Coalfield Ltd) has large opencast projects and important infrastructure locations. These individual projects are having electronic exchanges and Local Area Networks (LANs). These projects and infrastructures are situated along the highway and their distances are ranging from 3 Km to about 50 Km from, NCL HQ, Singrauli. All the projects under NCL are connected to the HQ via MART. The digital signals used for IBS are fed into the routers at HQ end and get redistributed to the location for which it is intended. The different projects connected to HQ are Jhingurda, Kakri, Bina, Khadia, Dudhichua, Jayant, Central Workshop, Nehru Shatabdi Chikitsalaya, Nigahi and Amlohri. Integrated Business Solution (IBS) is an ERP package developed by CMC on demand of NCL to automate their system, meaning their inventory, finance, production etc will be recorded and taken care by this software only. The network architecture under IBS project is distributed in nature i.e. each projects has their own server. They synchronize with the HQ time to time via MART to end up with integration. IBS, an ERP package used in NCL, was reactivated, which was not being used completely and has also been upgraded as per the requirement of user.
  • GPS/RFID based vehicle tracking System - GPS based vehicle tracking system for coal transportation along with RFID system, boom barrier, camera for snapshot and integration with existing weighbridge system on turnkey basis, is being implemented to prevent coal pilferage. The key features of Project are as follows:

1005 numbers of vehicles to be fitted with GPS based vehicle tracking system and RF ID tags and integration with existing weighbridges to be done in all the projects of NCL. After implementation of this project, theft, pilferage of coal, POL, scrap, etc and unauthorized entry of trucks or vehicles is expected to be minimized. * Pilot project has been started at Block –B project successfully and out of 122 Tippers 75 numbers of tippers have been fitted with RFID tags for GPS tracking with effect from 1st October’2014.Expected date of implementation in remaining projects of NCL is 15th February 2015.

  • CCTV’s Cameras - 550 numbers CCTV’s Cameras are being installed at vital points in all the projects of NCL. After implementation of the project the complaints of theft from mine areas, stores, diesel dispensing units, etc are expected to be reduced. Unauthorized entry of persons in offices, stores, mines is also expected to be restricted. With video clips, it will be easier to identify the persons involved, for filing of the complaint as evidence. Price bid has been opened on 13th October 2014 and expected date for the award of work is 31/10/2014. Expected date of installation and commissioning is 31st March 2015.
  • OITDS - Operator Independent Truck Dispatch System (OITDS) is in use at Jayant which basically monitors the functioning of Shovel and Dumper combination at the project. OITDS is being implemented at four other Projects of NCL i.e. Amlohri, Nigahi, Khadia & Dudhichua. The important features of OITDS are as follows: Global positioning system (GPS)-based on-board equipment with voice and data communication facilities and vital signs monitoring devices (VSMDs) is mounted on the excavators and trucks. Three communication masts with repeaters have been installed at strategic locations to ensure reliable radio communications over an area of around 20 sq km, covering the entire mine. The system directs each truck to move on optimized route, increasing productivity through a dynamic programming technique. The system tracks the movement of mining equipment and maintains a register of warnings against each identified operator / equipment in case of violation of instructions or moving in non-safe zones during the specified time. OITDS implementation in 04 projects was very slow and after CTE type inspections & with the intervention of NCL Vigilance, its implementation process has been speeded up.
  • Online Vigilance Complaint - Online Vigilance Complaint package hosted on NCL website. A complainant can lodge his complaint through the website and its status can be checked by the complainant through the website itself, after registering on the site.
  • Online Recruitment - Online Recruitment package hosted on NCL website. NCL recruits non-executive level employees and now application forms can be filled online and admit card can be downloaded, after a vacancy is advertised/uploaded.
  • E-Procurement - NIC has been entrusted the job of e-procurement. In March 2013, initial introduction of the system has also been provided.  Buyers and sellers meet was organized in which 126 persons participated.  First trial of e-procurement tender has been floated on 21.10.2013 after the launch of LIVE E-procurement portal by CIL on 17.10.2013. Pilot project is of E&M section (procurement of Vacuum circuit breakers). Work awarded on 18.02.2014.  DSCs also made available to E&M, E&T, Excavation, Finance, Systems, Civil, CMC, and Production Department Executives for going ahead on the E-Procurement road.  From June 2014 all the projects have started tendering process through E-procurement route.
  • SURPAC - Mine Planning & Surveying Software (SURPAC) is in use at all projects of NCL. The benefits of SURPAC:  Surpac provides applications for mining engineers, geologists and mine surveyors that ensure clear plans, effective communication and consistent data utilisation.  After the survey work is done by Total Stations in mines, the data is transferred to SURPAC, which generates the mine plan and sections quickly.  Calculate and validate volumes quickly.  Integrated resource models, mine designs and survey data results in upto-date position of mine profile.  In NCL it is used for surveying purpose. Vigilance department has suggested for volume calculation through SURPAC software package for measurement of coal/OB, till now only plans were being brought out by SURPAC.
  • Annual Property Return (APR) - APR’s (Annual Property Returns) has been filed online on CIL’s website for the year 2013, mandatorily.
  • On-line cash-book System - This system was implemented for the processing, making payment and accounting of the stakeholders’ bill through on-line system. This not only provides online reports but also eliminates human interface for improved transparency.

Proposed IT initiatives to be implemented in Future –

  • All types of tendering through E-Procurement - All types of tendering are to be processed through e-procurement i.e. in procurement as well as services/work contracts. At present E-procurement has been implemented for procurement of materials (Indent) only whereas for services/work contracts preliminary requisites have been fulfilled.NIT of Pilot tender by Civil Department is expected to be floated by 15th November’2014.
  • Security & theft - ‘Security & theft’ is one of the biggest issues of NCL during last few years. The most common theft is of HSD, as it has a large market demand. CMC Ltd has submitted a presentation for application of technology to measure and monitor HSD in HEMMs by enhancing the existing IBS. The proposed technology uses the following: I. Automatic Vehicle Identification using RFID and Nozzle Reader II. Verification of Fuel dispensed using Mass Flow Meter III. Onboard equipment to monitor exception IV. Integration with IBS for reports  It is suggested that in order to check pilferage of HSD in NCL, use of technology is the only way out. It is also necessary to monitor the dispensing of HSD and its consumption equipment and project wise, by using the solution provided by CMC Ltd or any other suitable solution available. 
  • COALNET - Coal India Limited (Company) is the holding Company for eight subsidiaries situated in different parts of the country. The function of the Company includes monitoring of mining and non-mining projects implemented by its subsidiaries, centralized purchasing of Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEMM), explosives, establishing coal linkages for supply of coal through concerned subsidiaries, maintaining statistics on coal production, removal of over burden etc. Computerization in the Company started initially in 1988-89. To enable use of Information Technology (IT) for improving administrative efficiency in the organization, Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) Ranchi, Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) Sambalpur, Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL) Singrauli, South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL) Bilaspur, Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) Sanctoria, Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) Nagpur, Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) Dhanbad, Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited (CMPDIL) Ranchi. MINISTRY OF COAL Report No. CA 23 of 2009-10 a Committee headed by the Secretary, Ministry of Coal & Mines (MoC), decided in November 2000 to implement computer network project ‘COALNET’ for data sharing between the MoC, Company and its subsidiaries. COALNET is being implemented in two phases in NCL. In 1st phase payroll, Finance and PIS modules will be implemented by Dec 2014 and in 2nd phase implementation of MM, maintenance, Sales and production modules of CoalNet at Main data Centre (at NCL Hq) and provide all facilities at project/units and Near Data Centre at Nigahi project is expected by end of December 2015. NIT for selection of service provider for implementation, customization, maintenance and support after successful implementation of of Coalnet project for 05 years has been approved on 17.06.2014. Tender was floated on 25.08.2014 and was scheduled to be opened on 23.09.2014 but due to lack of participation the last date of tender has been extended upto 28.10.2014. 4. Auto-refund of EMD- After implementation of Coal-net EMD of unsuccessful bidders will automatically be refunded to their account through epayment/transfer. 5. Real-time monitoring of HSD to check pilferage-EOI to be floated by Excavation Department for real time monitoring of diesel consumption, etc. in HEMM’s to check the diesel pilferage. 6. Online – Bill tracking system – By implementing finance module, any stake holder can track his bill and will get real-time status/information regarding his bill payment. 7. Night Vision Drones-Application of Drones with night vision can be used on trial basis particularly in projects, where incidents of theft of coal, POL, etc are very common.