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1. NCL is the highest composite (Coal+OBR) producing company of the Nation (Composite production of FY 2019-20 was 393.14 MCuM).

2. NCL is the company having Nation’s biggest dragline fleet (23 nos. of Draglines are at NCL out of total 33 nos. of Draglines of CIL).

3. Asia’s thickest coal seam is at NCL (Jhingurda Project with seam thickness of 131 meters).

4. NCL has present CHP capacity of 66.0 MTPA and capacity of upcoming CHPs is 53.0 MTPA. Presently, NCL CHPS are operative at 120% of designed capacity. Number-1 in Mechanized Environment Friendly coal loading and transport infrastructure

5. Exiting crushing capacity of NCL is 93.7 MTPA which will be further enhanced by additional 65.7 MTPA crushing capacity.

6. NCL is the highest coal despatching company through dedicated MGR facility to pit head thermal power plants (Coal despatch through MGR in FY 2019-20 was 50.9 MT (Approx. 48%). ECL, SECL and MCL are also having same facility.

7. NCL has planted 2.42 Crore plants (2nd highest after SECL-2.77 Crore plantation) since its inception (Highest in CIL in terms of plant per employee i.e. 1683 Plants per employee).

8. Highest Nos. of CAAQMS in CIL (9 nos. at NCL, SECL has also 9 nos. of CAAQMS) and 7 nos. of road sweeping machines, 13 nos. of truck mounted Dust Suppression Systems with Mist Guns.