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Vision & Mission


To emerge as a global player in the primary energy sector committed to provide energy security to the country by attaining environmentally & socially sustainable growth through best practices from mine to market.

Vision & Mission


To produce and market the planned quantity of coal and coal products efficiently and economically in an eco-friendly manner with due regard to safety, conservation and quality.


  • To carry on the business of coal mining including the management of the coal mines on behalf of and under the directions of Coal India Ltd.
  • To mine, query, beneficiate coal and other by-products and to install operate and management all necessary plants, mines, establishment, works etc. for this purpose.
  • To carry on any of the business of coal washeries/ beneficiation and to deal in other by-products arising from them.
  • To search, get, work, raise, make merchantable, sell and deal in coal and by-products.
  • To act as colliery and mine proprietors and to act as traders and carrier of coal
  • To reorganize and re-construct any coal mines and to takeover charge of management of such mines to operate them on sound commercial principles in order to ensure rational and coordinated Annual Report 2018-19 • 281 development of coal production and to ensure optimum utilization of capacity and various projects.
  • To plan and organize production of coal as also its beneficiation and the by-product of coal in accordance to the target and the economic policy of the Government.
  • To finance, replacement expenditure and repayment of loans if any from its own internal resources and to pull out back in the plan expenditure on new projects with due regard to its obligation to pay a reasonable dividend.
  • To develop technical know-how in coal mining and coal beneficiation and undertake applied research and development relating to exploitation of coal deposits as well as utilization of coal so that dependence on foreign technical collaboration is eliminated.
  • To optimize generation of internal resources by improving productivity of resources, preventing wastage and to mobilize adequate external resources to meet investment need.
  • To promote, co-ordinate and ensure effectiveness of research activities in coal section under S&T and R&D schemes.
  • To undertake formulation of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Mine Closure Plans for coal mining and related projects by NCL through CMPDIL.
  • To produce coal with due regard to Safety, conservation and quality.
  • To satisfy consumers with the best quality product at the right price at the right time