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Advanced Mining Technologies

  • Indigenous development of early warning radar system for predicting failures / slope instabilities in open cast mines
  • Development of hollow fiber membrane contactors for mine water treatment, gas treatment and for carbon capturing and storage from off gas of combustion
  • Adoption and development of web based computerized continuous condition monitoring system for HEMM for improving availability & utilization
  • Developing Virtual Reality (VR) models for coal mines
  • Big data analytics
  • Development of advanced nanocrystalline coatings and LASER cladding system for repair work related to HEMMs and other structural components
  • Development of Friction Stir Welding for repair work of high temperature materials like EN-24 steel
  • New development in the field of coal gassification, coal liquifaction, underground coal gassification, CBM production and other R&D work in fields of coal benefication, coal utilization, environment and ecology
  • Development and adoption of software for 3D balancing diagram for effective operation of Draglines in mines of NCL
  • Development of software for blast design with use of electronic detonators
  • Development of Drone based survey (Airborne LiDAR for survey assessments, volumetric calculations etc. along with existing TLS) and surveillance solution for NCL mines (DRISTHI)
  • Gainful Utilization of abandoned coal mines of NCL by developing methodology for using this land for agriculture or other suitable purpose (subjected to some legal issues)
  • Developing Slope Stability Model for life term stability of Dumps (by benching and vegetation) adjacent to mid/main entries of the mine
  • Research and development of size and shape of shovel bucket commensurate to different sizes of dumper bodies to ensure maximum dump body filling
  • Determination of warning/danger level displacement in Dragline Dump Slope by Laser Scanner Survey

Renewable Energy

  • Development of solar wind hybrid system both of the nature of fixed and portable nature for different applications in NCL mines
  • Exploring the possibility of production of CBM from Singrauli Coalfields and Design & Development of composite membrane reforming reactor for production of hydrogen from CBM (Natural gas)


  • Contribution of neighbouring industries over the air quality of mining area
  • Development of alternative methods of coal and OBR transportation
  • Developing system for restoration of bio-diversity on final OB dumps by developing proper mechanism for supply of water and necessary nutrients directly to the roots of plantations
  • Impact of U/G mining on flora & fauna in eco-sensitive zone for one coal block in Main Basin
  • Study of effects in nearby villages due to blasting in opencast mines
  • Study of effect of noise on operators during operation of HEMM

Strategically implementation of new Projects

  • Development and introduction of fatigue detection system (eye-tracking technology) for HEMM operators in NCL
  • Web based dust suppression system for opencast coal mines and precision irrigation solution for drip, sprinkler and flood irrigation
  • Agri-horti-forestry for rehabilitation of tribals and small farmers in Singrauli-Sonbhadra region
  • Development of web based system for continuous updation and monitoring of Physico-Mechanical properties of strata as well as hydrology in NCL mines
  • Developing Mine Security System through IT initiatives. (Developing Geo-fencing/Laser Fencing Technology for specific patches/idle machines in NCL to strengthen security in mine premises as well as other buildings of stores/workshops etc.)
  • Study of working assemblies of HEMMs through thermal imaging camera during installation and operation to ascertain materials quality, diagnosing faults and improve performance
  • Development of in-house facilities for NDT for
    1. Testing structures and components of HEMMs & Coal Handling Plants (CHPs)
    2. Studying quality of weld joints done in structures and assemblies of HEMMs
  • Development of system for monitoring of HEMMs structures at high altitude for ensuring stability of structures for dynamic operative conditions using telescopic observation
  • Study of status and trend of lubrication in HEMMs to establish the deterioration in working so as to improve the quality of lubrication using spectrometric and particle counter
  • Study of electrical coils supplied from different resources for improvement of insulation scheme to achieve higher life of repaired items for the determination of rest effective life of working electrical assemblies with the help of Impulse tester and Tan Delta Tester
  • Development of advance in-house facility for analyzing the electronic cards used in HEMM and to make the repairing faster
  • Development of warning system for low inflation in tires of Dumpers
  • Development of quick coupler type system for diesel filling in HEMM for faster filling and avoiding spillage and dirt entry
  • Development of laboratory for testing of Explosives & Accessories
  • Study, development and adoption of pulse reflection and transient method for locating faults in cables used in HEMM
  • Study of metallurgical and mechanical properties of steels and various metals used in HEMM spares for:
    1. Formulating specifications
    2. Ascertain correct type of welding electrodes
    3. Developing cast and forged spares
    4. Finding out variations in metallurgical/mechanical properties/parameters of spares procured from different sources
  • Failure analysis of critical and frequently failing components of large HEMMs like Electric rope shovels and draglines
  • Study of operational parameters of wire ropes used in HEMM for enhancing working life
  • Study of electrical failures of frequent nature in large size of motors and generators of HEMMs so as to minimize failures
  • Study of accidents occurring while carrying out maintenance of HEMMs and suggesting measures for avoiding them

Alternative uses of bi-products/waste management

  • Study for impact assessment of back filling of fly ash in abandoned Gorbi mine and treatment/management of acidic water to avoid contamination of ground water and soil
  • Utilizations of overburden waste dump of an opencast coal mine for construction purpose